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        Everything you need at home or on the go

        Alles für Unterwegs und Zuhause!

        SPAR Express assortments*


        • Fresh fruits and salads
        • Café-specialities & bakery (wraps, sandwhiches)
        • Cigarettes and tobacco
        • Chewing gum
        • Alcohol free beverages, like?energy?& soft drinks, water, juices, smoothies etc.
        • Beer, wine, champagne?and liquors
        • Newspapers and magazines
        • Salty Snacks, e.g.?Chips/Crisps
        • Sweets, e.g. chocolate, candies, pralines etc.
        • Ice-cream
        • E-Top Up telephone and pay-cards
        • Gift cards

        Convenience shops

        • All standard kiosk assortments
        • Everything for breakfast
        • Food and home ready meals
        • Frozen food
        • Everything to clean and wash
        • Personal hygiene products
        • Pet food
        • Barbeque assortments
        • Travelling equipment
        • Souvenirs
        • Seasonal highlights

        Patrol Stations

        Additionally at patrol stations, you will find car accessories.

        SPAR Express am Hamburger Hauptbahnhof

        In our stores you will find everything you need.


        Also discover our low priced?? EDEKA private label products "Gut&Günstig"...



        ... and the rest of our assortment!

        *Assortments vary in each store. SPAR Express kiosks generally only offer smaller assortments than our convenience shops. Often,?you will find a convenience store close to a SPAR Express?kiosk (e.g. in the same train station building)